Our Story

ReiN’ature is built on Honesty, Friendship and a passion for solving the problem of infestation of chemical hair and skin products. Our commitment is highlighted in the extent we go to harness everyday ingredients to ensure we produce products that our customers understand its constituents.

ReiN’ature didn’t just drop from nowhere.
We’re a brand owned and run by two sisters, with a similar cultural background. Our culture is one where eating and using natural products is a lifestyle.

On using these products, we had adverse effects which range from migraines to hair loss, and we sought a way out, knowing these chemical products weren’t right for our natural hair.
After trying multiple products and discovering nothing was working, the frustration was unbearable, and we sought a solution. We resorted to conducting some research into the solution and the idea to create our line of hair and skin products struck us.

Over the last two years of using our products, the results have been amazing. Our hair and skin have been healthier and continually moisturized, even in harsh weathers. We are excited at how effortlessly we now manage our hair with these natural products. Just like magic, we feel more natural, healthier and beautiful.

The burning desire to extend this discovery to others, as an act of friendship, is the push behind ReiN’ature. We are excited to share our tested and trusted products, knowledge and expertise with you, queens and kings, as we all move on this natural hair and skin journey together.



You girls are doing a marvelous work. Just wanted to thank you for the products I bought. They are well received and have been doing wonders on my hair. They’re amazing, particularly, I love the Wild Whip Cream as it was like a God sent to me. Thank you again and again. I’ll order more soon.


You girls are amazing! Though I was a little skeptical before making my order, I’m happy I did. Your products are lovely and smell like heaven. I give it to you; beautiful packaging, fast shipping, a promise fulfilled. I can’t stop being proud of my hair. I think the products have an effective boost to my self-esteem. Haha. I love you girls!


I bought one of your products as a present for my mom. I have to commend you on fast delivery and excellent packaging. The cream is fantastic, and my mom loves that they are 100% organic and makes her hair shine. Thank you for helping me make my mom happy. Best gift ever!


Once again you’ve surprised me with speedy delivery of my orders. With this, I can confidently remain dedicated to your brand. It is critical to me to get hair and skin care products that are made thoughtfully with the users in mind. Coupled with the fact that your products are not tested on animals, I give it to you. I have tried many popular brands but ended up disappointed. Discovering your brand is a blessing to me. Keep on being you.