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By Reinaturall

Winter is a period you wouldn’t want your hair to go through the hurtful process of being exposed to the cold to get it all dry, coarse and brittle. Oh! Wait you didn’t know winter cast the brittle hair curse that has the strands of your curly hair snapping in different directions when you run a comb through it or when you pull off your hat? The horrible feeling that comes with that isn’t what you want to experience often.
The harsh cold air that spells ‘winter’ dries up the moisture in your hair, and even if you decide to stay indoors all winter and leave your curly hair to the mercy of the dry and heated air indoors, the dry atmosphere won’t help your hair stay its best. It will only take your frizzing and breakage to a whole different level that you’d want to live underwater to ensure enough moisture for your hair.
There is no better way of being ready for winter than knowing ways to take care of your hair during the period. Here’s how you can take care of your natural hair during winter;
Protective braids and weaves are your way to go
Winter isn’t the best time to catch snow with your hair because apart from the hats that snag and break your coils, the harsh weather causes your hair to dry out and break easily. Winter is the best time to wear your protective braids even if you don’t carry it as long as the harsh weather lasts. Carrying protective braids and weaves go a long way to help tuck in your strands keeping them out of winter’s way.
Feed your hair the right nutrients
Just like a plant needs nutrients from fertilizer and other natural factors to grow, your hair also needs nutrients in the appropriate proportions. The lustrous and shiny nature of your hair depends on you and how you feed it. During winter, it is necessary that you double up on the nutrients you feed your hair and the amount of water you drink. This is because staying healthy and eating healthy will help your hair fight against the harsh weather with all the nutrients and moisture at its disposal.
Protective braids and weaves become harmful after a long while
Though putting on braids or weaves for the winter is a good idea, sentencing your hair to a long winter term of protection in braids and weaves isn’t a great idea. The protective braids will help your hair retain moisture, but it will later become dry. If the dryness meets your protective braids on your hair, it will only help to break your strands. Therefore loosening your weaves, getting it moisturized and getting it all styled up will help you save your hair from the dangerous arms of winter.
Thin silk caps keep the hats from snagging your hair
Knitted hats and scarves will want to get a feel of your hair when you put them on, but they often get clingy and pull at your hair when you’re trying to separate them. This causes your strands to break. To avoid this, wear a thin silk cap which separates your hair from the clingy hands of your knitted hat or scarf. This will ensure that you stay warm and at the same time keep your hair safe from constant breaking throughout winter.
Other ways of taking care of your natural hair during winter include;
• Trimming the ends of your hair to rid it of split ends
• Keeping your hair away from heat
• Deep conditioning your hair
• Staying away from chemicals especially ones that dye your hair.
So, take charge of your natural hair, sit back with these handy tips and wait because winter is coming.

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