Wild Hair Detangler



Size: 8oz | 237ml

The Wild Detangler Cream supplies you with all the nutrients that promote hair growth, maintains maximum shine and softens your hair. You don’t need to worry about the stress associated with detangling your hair as the Wild Detangler makes your hair easy to be detangled with minimal effort.

The Wild Detangler is not greasy and contains no preservative or chemical ingredients. It is made from 100% organic ingredients acquired from the US market. If you desire a soft, shiny hair with minimal stunted hair and stress of detangling, go for our Wild Detangler.

How to Use the Wild Detangler

  • Take the desired amount of Wild Detangler and gently apply to your hair from root to end.
  • Comb through to even out.
  • Style as desired; do not rinse out.

You can apply Wild Detangler to a damp or dry hair. It’s that simple.


Slippery, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera juice and Orange Scent.


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