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Top 6 natural hair tips to help you manage your hair effectively

By Reinaturall

In recent times, there has been a much-welcomed trend of people proudly adorning and sampling their natural hair. This, just like you guessed goes with a concurrent trend of the use of organic products and organic ways in taking care of our natural hairs.

We at Reinature love our hair, and for you to be here, that means you like your hair as much as we do!

To give you a little help and to encourage your journey, just like your friend that we are, we’ve got a few natural hair tips that’ll help you manage your hair effectively. With our tips, you can effortlessly keep those hairs looking beautiful, and you’ll feel your absolute best.

Always Treat your Hair with the right Treatment products

Your hair can be damaged by hair styling and some other factors such as chemical products and high temperatures. Most of these factors remove the moisture of the hair which helps it remain lustre and shining all day.  Besides the adverse aesthetic effects of these hair damaging factors, they break down the hair, thereby undermining your natural hair management efforts.

If you wish to have a hair you’ll always be proud of; then it’s important you give your hair the right kind of care and treatment; precisely the attention it deserves. Use creams full of protein-rich and nourishing ingredients to revive your hair and enhance its condition. Organic hair products like our Wild Whip Cream keeps your hair and scalp moisturized, softened and protected all day long.

Watch the Towels you use after washing your hair

One of the major mistakes we do that damage our natural hair is using inappropriate towels to dry our hair. When using a towel after washing your hair, avoid harsh or dry towels and ensure not to dry your hair harshly. Ideally, you can use a micro fibre towel or soft cotton material to dry your hair. This helps prevent damage to your most precious hair.

Shampoo, Co-Wash and Rinse Routinely

Natural hair is typically porous, thus, a need to cleanse and rehydrate your scalp and hair at least at every 4-5 day’s intervals. You can also co-wash in-between these intervals to help your hair management efforts. A clean scalp encourages healthy hair growth by removing dead skin and other unwanted debris that might prevent effective hair growth. Cleansing your scalp more regularly than once a week is perfectly okay but ensure you’re using a gentle sulphate-free cleanser.

Practice Deep Condition at Least Once a Week

Deep conditioning is basically applying a thicker conditioner in your hair for an amount of time. This helps keep your hair moisturized, treat damaged hair and add whatever is lost back to the hair. Two types of deep conditioners exist; protein and moisture deep conditioners. While moisture deep conditioners help keep your hair moisturized, protein deep conditioners serves as a treatment when you have damaged hair. Comprehensively, the protein deep conditioners are designed to strengthen your hair, improve hair appearance and elasticity and equalize porosity. For best effect, we advise you use moisture deep conditioner at least once a week and use protein deep conditioner at times when it’s needed to treat your hair.

Other benefits of deep conditioning to your hair include; making your hair soft and strong, encouraging hair growth, preventing damage, breakage, dryness and split ends amongst other.

Don’t over manipulate your natural hair

Your hair is a baby and so should be pampered like one. As much as you might be tempted to style your hair excessively, probably different styles for different days, desist from it. Natural hair thrives when left alone than when manipulated regularly. When possible, avoid combing or brushing your tightly curled hair. If you must comb or brush your hair, we advise you use our special Wild Detangler which makes your hair easy to be detangled or combed.

The greatest Hair Management Tip; Drink Water regularly

When talking about natural hair care tips, it’s always easy to focus on external tips, neglecting the internal tips which play a pivotal role in growing hairs. Just like our skin, our hair needs water; water, as you’ll agree is life.

Drink enough water daily to help keep your hair hydrated. This act should not be substituted by the use of moisturizer. Moisturizer is only a supplement to consumption of water. Moisturizer covers up dryness and helps you retain water while water moisturizes and nourishes your hair and skin from the inside out. Drink water daily and notice a significant difference.

Conclusively, always protect your hair. Protecting your hair is as important as the products you use on your hair. Use silk or satin head coverings that are not too tight around your hairline. This type of head coverings lock in moisture and helps keep your hair healthy. Cotton or other fibres, on the other hand, steal the moisture from your hair.

Did you find these natural hair tips useful or feel there’s any missing?

Kindly drop your ideas.

We wish you a fruitful natural hair journey!

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